Development in technology for live production

With the integration of technology developed in gaming and telecommunications, new methods of dealing with the staging of entertainment productions are becoming a reality. We have seen this technology revolutionise film and now we are translating this for the stage. There is now technology that not only cuts through the 4th wall of performance but time itself.

The Red Brick Wall Project will be developing new stage practices around staging live productions.

We have engaged the Alex Theatre Company to test technology within the live performance setting.

Alex Theatre Co has been set up as a professional repertory musical theatre company supported by Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc and Vass Productions to stage commercial Off-Broadway & Westend styled shows.

We are focused on shows that will entertain audiences, and ensure the ongoing development of Australian musical theatre performance talent for the world stage.

It is one thing to train talented performers in our great performance institutes across this country, however, we also have to ensure there is a vibrant Australian Musical industry for these performers to entertain Us within.