Development of technology for live production

With the integration of technology developed in gaming and telecommunications, new methods of dealing with the staging of entertainment productions are becoming a reality. We have seen this technology revolutionise film and now we are translating this for the stage.

There is now technology that not only cuts through the 4th wall of performance but time itself.

The Red Brick Wall Project

Our story starts with a single Photon - research into time travel!

Our Project

Our vision is to create a resource and the infrastructure to allow creatives access to the latest technology to enhance the development of live performance work in Australia.

As part of a growing collective of specialised individuals and businesses within the technology, communication, and entertainment industries we have positioned this project to ensure the advancements are achieved with the reimagining of performance art on stage and screen, ensuring that our entertainment industry has long term economic viability and employment opportunities.

Our Premium Services

Our Studios at the Alex Theatre represents a Group of exceptional Technical Production, Event, Film, and Broadcast partners joining resources to deliver expert knowledge, world-leading technology, unrivaled value and the highest safety standards.

We share the philosophy of impeccable client service and delivery.

We work with you to design your project, identify the target market, develop ideal outcomes, create timelines, and optimise budgets.

Our creatives can develop your proposal, overlaying mood-boards, develop scripts, storyboards and implement proof of concept works to help convey your ideas.

We work with you throughout your project to ensure the end result hits the intended market and exceeds expectations.

Whether it's a stage production, film, online virtual training program, event, or experiential activation, we work to support the best possible outcome for you and your audience.

Revolutionising Stage & Film Productions

Extended reality technology revolutionising stage & screen real-time virtual production.

True immersive experiences.

Magic in production

Our innovation crosses film, stage & gaming technology to develop, and implement content for the enjoyment of audiences.

Technical Creatives

We are supported by the creative nature within the hearts and minds of our technical creatives. Without whom this project would not exist.

Investing in tomorrow

'Early adopters | speed to market | rapid prototyping | the consumer-driven market' - the time to invest in the creation of new content is now.


The Production House

The people behind the Red Brick Wall Project believe that through collaboration we can change the world.

The Alex Theatre in the City of Port Phillip is a creative centre of excellence in innovation and technology.

Vass Theatre Group

Engaging Entertainment
Corporate, Event, Film, and Theatrical productions designed to entertain.

MITH Entertainment

Real-time Effect Design
Digital Back-drops Reduce pre-production render time.
Designs for the future.

Pro Screens

The premier supplier of state-of-the-art LED displays.
Flawless visually stunning immersive experiences.

The Vision

The convergence of gaming, film, and telecommunications technology on stage enables the creation of hybrid immersive experiences. Augmenting the reality of the audience and creating strategic value in the presentation of a product to market.

Capturing a performer/performance, development of physical staging, real-time motion capture, overlaying virtual assets and worlds.

Classic venues, virtual Performances spaces, digital twins of existing venues or thoses long lost to the progression of time.

Traditional models, broadcast, virtual environments, being able to deliver content and create new ways for the audience to socially interact has now become a reality.

Strengthing exciting markets while developing new larger platforms to disseminate content to audiences based on their personal tastes and desires.

Investment opportunities

Book a Demo Investment

If you are an Investor in technology, Theatrical Producer, Film-Maker, Brand Designer, Music Video Producer, Educator, Game Developer, Elon Musk, basically anyone who is interested in the technology on our site we would love to connect with you.

The Living Venue - Alex Theatre

The Red Brick Wall is part of the Alex Theatre project and we take sustainability in entertainment seriously.